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What is Liposculpture?

A finesse variation of Liposuction, Liposculpture is a surgical procedure that re-contours the body by selectively removing fat. With Liposculpture, cosmetic surgeons can work with smaller areas such as the neck, tummy, knees or abdomen.

Am I a Candidate for Liposculpture?

Good candidates are often individuals who are near their ideal weight but who have small amounts of fat in certain well-defined areas. Rather than simply removing bulky fat, Liposculpture creates a sculpted appearance. The goal of this procedure is to accentuate your natural shape and form creating an aesthetically beautiful, proportioned and contoured figure. Liposculpture can remove fat from areas of the face that need minimal fat removal such as cheeks, chin, and neck.

Liposculpture Procedure

Dr. Duboys makes a small incision in the skin, and inserts a micro-cannula to remove the abnormal fat deposits. While there are many ways of performing Liposculpture, such as ultrasound, water assisted, or laser – Dr. Duboys believes "liposuction is liposuction is liposuction" and results are not dependent upon instrumentation used but rather technique which only comes from experience. Dr. Duboys performs the procedure using either local or general anesthesia.

Liposculpture Results

Results will begin to manifest at the end of one month, with final results apparent around month three. Men who have the procedure may have more sculpted abs and women may have a more defined waistline, but in each case, the body looks more muscular and toned. Results can be long-lasting, but maintenance is still necessary through exercise and diet.

Liposculpture Recovery

Once the procedure is complete, a compression garment is worn for a few weeks to exert pressure and support the tightening of the skin. Patients are encouraged to stay mobile throughout the recovery period. Bruising is common, and there may be slight bleeding, minor pain, or temporary numbness. Within one week, patients can return to work and within 4-6 weeks are able to return to full activity.

Schedule Your Consultation

Patients choosing Liposculpture will first consult with Dr. Duboys, who will perform a complete examination, identify areas needing sculpting, answer questions and explains your options.

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Elliot Duboys, please contact us at our Long Island office where Dr. Duboys performs all surgeries and procedures in his fully accredited surgical suite. Call (631) 423-1000 to schedule a consultation today!

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