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What is Radiesse?

The skin's natural collagen content weakens and breaks down as a person ages, resulting in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. While numerous anti-aging products and treatments have been created, many provide only short-term benefits or none at all.

Radiesse is a volumizing filler composed of calcium hydroxyl apatite microspheres in carboxymethylcellulose gel. This FDA-approved product contains calcium and phosphate ions in a medium that consists of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, so that it can be safely injected inside the body without being rejected by the tissues. Moreover, the microspheres allow the formation of the new body cells on their surfaces, making the treated area look natural.

What can I expect during treatment?

Before anything, Elliot B. Duboys, MD will perform a thorough consultation. The condition of your skin will be assessed to determine the proper amount of Radiesse that should be injected.

Prior to injecting Radiesse, a numbing cream or local anesthetic is first applied. Elliot B. Duboys, MD injects Radiesse beneath the dermis and subcutaneous layers of the skin.

Some patients report slight pain upon injection that typically disappears after the procedure. Results are visible one week after the treatment and patients can enjoy their new supple and youthful -looking skin for about two years. Following that, touchups might be necessary.

What can I expect after my Radiesse injections?

The procedure has no downtime and patients can return to their normal activities immediately after the injection; however, we advise them to minimize sun exposure. Complications such as bruising, redness may occur and usually resolve within 48 hours.

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